March Recap: 3 Great YMX Apparel Reviews

More and more fitness enthusiasts are discovering the benefits and beauty of YMX athletic apparel, and along with these discoveries comes a healthy stream of product reviews. Here is a recap of three YMX product reviews for the month of March:

Badass Fitness

Color Me Happy with YMX by YellowMan

In the past two weeks, I have learned what it’s like to run 13.1 miles, teach TRX bootcamp and cycling, and do cone drills in Kangoo Jumps — without wearing any pants or shorts!

This is a very good thing, and I have YMX by Yellowman to thank for it! Let me explain…

The company sent me their Infinite Geometry racing short in a beautiful blue geometric pattern and their Elemental Earth racerback tank featuring a purple Polynesian-inspired print to try out as part of my role as a Fitfluential Ambassador. They asked that I blog about my experience, so here we are!

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Just a Colorado Gal BlogYMX by YellowMan: Review

I’m not one that is big on those shorthand text words. You know, like “OMG” or “TTYL” or “LOL”. I just don’t get them, and I try my hardest not to use them because I think they’re silly and would rather just spell out the expression. However, I broke my own rule a few weeks back while texting Will in regards to my new YMX by Yellowman tops. What did I say?

OMFG Will, these shirts are so soft!!

True story. And then I felt lame and Will made fun of me because I used “OMFG” instead of spelling it out. But whatever.

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Lifting Revolution BlogFrom YMX Tops To Customizable YouBars (Discount): My Favorite Spring Fitness/Nutrition Finds!

YMX Running/Fitness Tops:
These feel like silk! I’ve even been sleeping in them and Dan even thinks I should wear them with jeans for going out. So cute, and comfortable and their wicking ability is amazing!

Seriously, I am all over this top… I wore it this morning while doing an 8x8x8 (8 exercises, 8 reps, 8 rounds)… and it held up beautifully! And then I sported a sleeveless version while doing sprints: 2 minutes @ 8.0 pace; 3 minutes @ 9.0 pace for 25 straight minutes. It was tough but I loved every minute of it!

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