Base Layer Ski Clothing that Rocks

If you are looking for a premium alternative to your old cotton thermals on your next ski run, look no more! YMX apparel makes a better base layer than you might expect. First of all, you’ll hardly know you are wearing it (many YMX customers have made the comment that they have to double-check to be sure they’ve got something on), and, although the fabric is lightweight it offers some natural body temperature support, as well as superior wicking benefits.

There are loads of other performance benefits, too, but the icing on the cake is the way YMX base layers look. The colors, prints and form-fitting styling (for ALL body types!) makes you look fantastic! Wear YMX as a base layer on those black diamond runs (yes, you can!) and then peel the layers off back at home base to kick back with friends and reveal your radiant YMX style.

Another great, great, great (did I say great?) benefit with YMX is it is excellent for travel! It packs to almost nothing, weighs like a feather, and you don’t have to worry about wrinkles, because whatever wrinkles are there when you unpack will vanish as soon as you put it on! So leave all the cumbersome luggage to your ski equipment and load up on a weightless collection of YMX turtlenecks, leggings, or shirts. After skiing in YMX all day you also don’t have to worry about draping your damp clothing to dry it out. YMX doesn’t retain moisture and is “quick-dry”. For that reason, it also won’t smell.

Need I go on?

Check out YMX’s Ski wear here.


The Angel is in the Details: taking a closer look at YMX Apparel

The colorful blur of flowers alongside your jogging path can be joyful, but it’s also nice to occasionally stop and appreciate the iridescence of flower petals up close. The same is true with YMX Athletic Lifestyle Apparel. It’s attractive from a distance, but absolutely stunning up close.

Here are a few YMX closeups for you to enjoy:

YMX mesh neck tank top

YMX’s Mesh Neck Tanks add that little extra touch of femininity to your athletic top. The neckline features two overlapping counterpoint print layers of soft mesh fabric to achieve a delicate and delightful visual interplay. The rest of the garment is made with performance MadKool fabric, bringing you luxurious comfort in action or for everyday wear.

YMX Asian print sport leggings

YMX sport leggings feature stunning, detailed prints to give you that extra flare on your next run. You won’t find this level of artistry and quality on other sport legging brands. Although their moisture-wicking and other performance fabric properties make them an  ideal base-layer, they are so nice-looking that you’ll want to wear them beneath a skirt or shorts and “show a bit of leg” for that sizzle of style you like to exude.

YMX Tri-pocket Jersey

Can you see the three back pockets on this YMX Tri-Pocket jersey? You might not notice them, because the continuous print on them is so carefully constructed. The three open pockets are rimmed with a band of elastic so your light cargo stays snug and secure. And that snazzy |X| logo on the middle back pocket is reflective, (so that little glint you caught in his eye might not just be his charm).

YMX running jersey for women

Just stop for a minute to appreciate how the print matches up on both sides of this YMX Tri-Pocket Jersey zipper. Maybe you didn’t even realize there was a zipper there at all. Similar (if we can even say that) sport apparel brands typically feature art that doesn’t require this kind of specific construction. YMX, is all about making you look and feel good, so the extra effort is what really puts these YMX jerseys on a different playing field.

YMX Reflect Hoodie

YMX’s snazzy Reflect Hoodie for Women has a bold, detailed black & white Asian print that is accented with a sporty, reflective-tape zipper. The balance of sharp lines and tones, flanked by soft white panels makes this hoodie an excellent accompaniment to just about any other piece in your athletic wardrobe. It has other features, too – like thumb-hole cuffs and comfy side pockets.

YMX’s performance running tees have a nifty envelope pocket on the back. Just reach back, slip your ipod, keys, or mobile phone underneath the flap and you are good to go! Getting your small items out of the pocket is a snap as well. The reflective |X| logo on the pocket flap adds a little extra flare, so when you go racing by your competition in your next marathon run the others will know you are feelin’ good in YMX.

There are so many more great YMX apparel details to highlight, but we don’t want to take the fun out of your own exploration. Have a look around at and zoom in on products you like to see how great they are up close!

3 Ways to Kick Off Your Fall Athletic Wardrobe with YMX

Everyone loves the Fall season. It’s a beautiful time of year. But it also can be a tricky time if you want to update your athletic wardrobe. Things start to cool off a bit, and you want to reflect your personal style with the change of season. But in no time the Winter comes along and you feel like you have to switch it all up again – so you think to yourself – why bother with updating my workout clothes for Fall, I’ll just do with what I’ve sweated through all Summer and then bundle up when Winter rolls in.

Well… don’t deny yourself from feeling and looking great in the Fall. Here are three ways to kick off your YMX Athletic Wardrobe for Fall:

YMX Living Garden Core Long Sleeve Top

YMX long sleeve athletic tops can be worn to, during and after your workout.

1. Simplify with YMX Long Sleeve Tops.

On your next workout, whether it be running, yoga, cycling, or the gym, you can minimize the need for all those reserve clothes you would otherwise change in and out of. YMX long sleeve sport tops are perfect for transitional weather or activities. The shirt’s super-cozy, lightweight performance MadKool fabric regulates your natural body temperature, and wicks away unwanted moisture, so you won’t feel too hot or too cool in the Fall months, indoors or outdoors. You can easily wear your YMX Athletic Top to, during, and from your workout. Wear it as a base performance layer or on its own for a flare of personal style. Keep it simple with YMX and you’ll look and feel in top shape.

YMX Living Henna Long Sleeve Sport Top for Women

YMX Athletic Lifestyle Apparel offers a wide palette of colors and prints that are seasonally limitless.

2. Build a rich palette for your Fall canvas…and beyond.

YMX Apparel offers so many rich colors and textures you won’t have any difficulty complimenting your sense of style with your warm, Fall mood. But don’t think that YMX’s Fall apparel offering is exclusive to the Fall. YMX’s vibrant, detailed prints, including henna, floral, tribal, and traditional Asian motifs, have an energy and movement that are seasonally limitless. Furthermore, YMX Apparel is carefully designed to be compatible with previous seasons, so you can easily reinvent your look each season with creative pairings.

YMX Athletic Jerseys

YMX Tri-Pocket jerseys are great for sport, but they can also be worn as a sporty, everyday top.

3. Expand your horizons with YMX’s Tri-Pocket Jerseys.

YMX Tri-Pocket Jerseys have the performance and utility (three back pockets, UPF 50 protection) for cycling or running – but they are far more versatile than that! The stylish prints seamlessly conceal the back pockets making the jerseys easy to wear for sport or leisure (yes!). So, although YMX Tri-Pocket Jerseys (available in short and long sleeves) are perfect for cycling, running, paddling, hiking, skiing and beyond, it is important to note that they are also popular as sporty, everyday wear as well (you can think of them as a sporty, performance enhanced baseball shirt).

These are only three suggestions on how to update your Fall Wardrobe with YMX. The possibilities are endless.

Tell us how you wear YMX.

YMX’s Athletic Clothing Diversity Shows Through Its Fans

Motivated fans wear YMX athletic apparel for a variety of sports and activities. The above collection of photos is just the tip of the iceberg, covering surfing, anthropology, winter sport, yoga, cycling and running. The list could go on, but you get the picture.

Pictured above:

A. YMX Ragnar team member Heather Kleinschmidt wears her YMX Winter Sun tri-pocket jersey as a rash guard to hit the morning surf!

B. Cultural anthropologist professor, Sarah Keene Meltzoff carries out research and teaches field courses in hot climates from Thailand and Kashgar, China, to Galapagos and the San Blas Islands of Panama. And she does it all wearing YMX! See her in action here.

C. Backwoods Mountain Sports team, Skin It 2 Win It, wears YMX’s Winter Flower Tri-pocket Jersey in an annual fundraiser for Sawtooth National Forest Avalanche Center in Idaho.

D. Fitness Experiment-er Charlotte Hilton Andersen shows off her yoga pose (and muscle tone) wearing YMX’s Winter Cloud sport leggings and athletic tank.

E. Fighting a rare heart disease, Heidi Dohse overcomes adversity and cycles for health, awareness, and an overall zest for life.

F. Marathoner Shelly Cable sports her YMX Tribal Sea athletic run shirt and peeled-down matching sport sleeves (great for wiping sweat, or pulled up for UV protection!).

How do you wear YMX?

YMX Announces Spring/Summer 2012 Collection

YMX Announces Spring/Summer 2012 Athletic Lifestyle Apparel Collection

YMX’s new 2012 Collection is here and available at

YMX’s exciting new line features a wide selection of athletic/lifestyle apparel styles with bold, beautiful, and enchanting prints. Imagine stepping into a secret world, where adventure, spectacular flora & fauna, and joy-warming natural elements permeate the atmosphere. All of that is bundled into this vibrant, new YMX collection.

Elegant details, such as the gracefully scooped neckline of YMX’s new Mandarin Tank, round out the signature style and fashion aspects of the brand, truly underscoring how athletic apparel no longer needs to have a generic look and singular use. Now you can look great and express your personal sense of style when you workout – or – you can wear YMX as every-day casual (or even formal) wear. And because YMX fabrics are luxurious, lightweight, and dynamic, YMX apparel is extremely versatile in both performance and appearance.

YMX's Mandarin Tank (and matching legging) is a perfect example of how style can embrace function.

As an active Woman, you might not always want to be an elegant butterfly, though. Sometimes you want to be feisty and energetic. Maybe the claws even come out a bit. YMX offers this, too. Take YMX’s Elemental Tiger tri-pocket jersey with matching sport sleeves, for example. Perfect for cycling, this performance apparel pairing will put you at the head of the pack.

YMX's tri-pocket jerseys with matching sport sleeves will put you at the head of the pack.

Although fans of YMX rave about the multi-functional and comfortable MadKool fabrics, YMX’s SP/SU 12 Collection has a couple of new styles in a super-comfy fleece.

YMX’s Contour Jacket and Contour Vest feature clean lines and an understated, body-sculpting tribal stitching detail on the back and sleeves (jacket). These stunning pieces are must-haves for that extra layer you always want when you go to and from your activities. They work back to pretty much everything and still have that visual dynamic of being stylish and sporty at the same time.

YMX's fleece Contour Jacket with elegant Tribal stitching works back to everything in your wardrobe.

These are just a few of the many sparks in the new YMX SP/SU 12 Collection that just begin to show the range of lifestyle/sport apparel available to you. Whether you are looking for something elegant or feisty, the choices are many, and the choices are yours for the taking at YMX

YMX Spread the LOVE/ 30 Days to SAVE Sale Spectacular

Share the LoveAt YMX we LOVE what we do. We love the clothes, the art, the active lifestyle and most of all you, our fans. You give us support and approval to keep doing what we do everyday. We believe in MadKool, our proprietary fabric: its soft silky feel, amazing wicking properties, sun blocking ability, and in the beautiful art and design.

We want you to FEEL the love, to live in it, and to love it! So if you haven’t yet tried YMX now is the perfect time to do so.

Starting January 16 and for the next 30 days we’ll be offering an unprecedented opportunity to give YMX a try, and see for yourself what everyone is raving about. Every 72 hours a single item will be featured and priced at only $25.

Return to the site often because we aren’t going to reveal what’s coming up! If you have friends or family who have been eyeing YMX but haven’t given us a try yet, please pass the word along!

SHARE the love!

YMX to Unveil Fall/Holiday 2012 Collection at Outdoor Retailer Winter Market

Visit YMX at the Outdoor Retailer 2012 Winter Market - booth 22012 for a preview of YMX's exciting Fall/Holiday line.

If you are in or around Salt Lake City, Utah between January 19th-22nd, be sure to stop by the Salt Palace Convention Center for the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market 2012. YMX will be showcasing its 2012 Fall/Holiday line at booth #22012. That’s a super-easy number to remember – just put a ‘2’ in front of 2012 and you’ve got it!

New to the Athletic/Lifestyle line will be an assortment of rich colors and nature-inspired themes. A snappy Black & White group will offer pieces that pair up with pretty much anything and everything in your wardrobe.

YMX Fall Holiday 2012 Black and White Collection Preview

YMX will be introducing an energetic Black and White group as part of its Fall/Holiday 2012 Collection.

If you are a Retail Store, and you want to join the growing list of places picking up the  YMX Athletic Lifestyle Apparel Brand, or if you want to schedule an appointment please contact YMX at