March Recap: 3 Great YMX Apparel Reviews

More and more fitness enthusiasts are discovering the benefits and beauty of YMX athletic apparel, and along with these discoveries comes a healthy stream of product reviews. Here is a recap of three YMX product reviews for the month of March:

Badass Fitness

Color Me Happy with YMX by YellowMan

In the past two weeks, I have learned what it’s like to run 13.1 miles, teach TRX bootcamp and cycling, and do cone drills in Kangoo Jumps — without wearing any pants or shorts!

This is a very good thing, and I have YMX by Yellowman to thank for it! Let me explain…

The company sent me their Infinite Geometry racing short in a beautiful blue geometric pattern and their Elemental Earth racerback tank featuring a purple Polynesian-inspired print to try out as part of my role as a Fitfluential Ambassador. They asked that I blog about my experience, so here we are!

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Just a Colorado Gal BlogYMX by YellowMan: Review

I’m not one that is big on those shorthand text words. You know, like “OMG” or “TTYL” or “LOL”. I just don’t get them, and I try my hardest not to use them because I think they’re silly and would rather just spell out the expression. However, I broke my own rule a few weeks back while texting Will in regards to my new YMX by Yellowman tops. What did I say?

OMFG Will, these shirts are so soft!!

True story. And then I felt lame and Will made fun of me because I used “OMFG” instead of spelling it out. But whatever.

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Lifting Revolution BlogFrom YMX Tops To Customizable YouBars (Discount): My Favorite Spring Fitness/Nutrition Finds!

YMX Running/Fitness Tops:
These feel like silk! I’ve even been sleeping in them and Dan even thinks I should wear them with jeans for going out. So cute, and comfortable and their wicking ability is amazing!

Seriously, I am all over this top… I wore it this morning while doing an 8x8x8 (8 exercises, 8 reps, 8 rounds)… and it held up beautifully! And then I sported a sleeveless version while doing sprints: 2 minutes @ 8.0 pace; 3 minutes @ 9.0 pace for 25 straight minutes. It was tough but I loved every minute of it!

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YMX Skins It 2 Win It

Backwoods Mountain Sports outfitted their girls in YMX for this year's Skin It 2 Win It event in Sun Valley.

How perfect is it that Backwoods Mountain Sports chose to outfit their team in YMX for this year’s Skin It 2 Win It event in Idaho? YMX is, indeed a winning “skin”, although the name of the event refers to “skinning” a 1.3-mile mountain pass.

Skin It 2 Win It is an annual fundraiser for Sawtooth National Forest Avalanche Center in Idaho, where participants compete to skin a 1.3-mile up and down path on Dollar Mountain over a 5-hour time period. Competitors are encouraged to outfit themselves in colorful outfits and costumes.

YMX's Winter Flower Jersey features silky comfort, moisture wicking, and SPF 50+ protection.

For this year’s contest, on January 28, 2012, Backwoods Mountain Sports dressed up their girls in YMX’s Winter Flower Tri-pocket Jersey. Their bookkeeper/seamstress added to the look by making matching skirts, and one of the girls painted on them. The numbers on their hats combine to the altitude (5840 m) of Backwoods Mountain Sports.

So, how did the girls from BMS do? They finished at an impressive 3rd place on the trails! In the outfit department, we think they got the Gold.

YMX Spread the LOVE/ 30 Days to SAVE Sale Spectacular

Share the LoveAt YMX we LOVE what we do. We love the clothes, the art, the active lifestyle and most of all you, our fans. You give us support and approval to keep doing what we do everyday. We believe in MadKool, our proprietary fabric: its soft silky feel, amazing wicking properties, sun blocking ability, and in the beautiful art and design.

We want you to FEEL the love, to live in it, and to love it! So if you haven’t yet tried YMX now is the perfect time to do so.

Starting January 16 and for the next 30 days we’ll be offering an unprecedented opportunity to give YMX a try, and see for yourself what everyone is raving about. Every 72 hours a single item will be featured and priced at only $25.

Return to the site often because we aren’t going to reveal what’s coming up! If you have friends or family who have been eyeing YMX but haven’t given us a try yet, please pass the word along!

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Overcoming Adversity – A truly inspirational YMX story

Take a pause out of your hectic day and reflect on the meaning of this inspirational story from a loyal YMX fan:

Heidi Dohse wears YMX's Flower Clouds jersey in the Tour de Palm Springs.

When Heidi Dohse was only eighteen years old doctors told her she had a rare heart disease. Since then she has been through countless medical procedures,  including six different pacemaker implants. But the adversities did not stop the passionate, strong-willed part of her heart that has fueled her recovery.  Here is what she has to say:

When I learned that I was going in for open heart surgery last year I asked three of my girlfriends to ride with me as a relay team in the LOTOJA Classic event.  I needed a reason to get better! We wanted to have matching jerseys.  When Heather, one of the riders and buyer at Sturtos, mentioned that YMX was now making cycling jerseys… well… it was a done deal. That is what I wanted us to wear.  Together we all voted on the Flower Cloud jersey because of the beautiful and inspirational colors and flowers.  I have to say that I LOVE that jersey! 

Heidi Dohse and her friends voted on YMX's Flour Clouds jersey to commemorate her one-year anniversary of heart surgery.

Though I have a drawer full of cycling jerseys, my YMX is my favorite. I love the way it looks but even better is the way that it performs.  I am riding mostly 100 mile and 200 mile events and my YMX jersey breaths, wicks, and feels good against my skin the whole time.  When it is cold I layer one of my YellowMan base layer tops underneath. 

Heidi Dohse crossing the 2010 LOTOJA finish line in YMX's Flower Cloud jersey.

Heidi Dohse crossing the 2010 LOTOJA finish line in YMX's Flower Cloud jersey.

The above photograph was featured in Las Vegas 2010 Go Red for Women where Heidi Dohse served as the key note speaker.

You can get some veteran advice from Heidi at Navigate to Event Info > Veteran Advice > Heidi Dohse.

More about Heidi Dohse here.

YMX salutes Heidi Dohse for rising above Life’s obstacles and carrying on a winning spirit! Do you have a YMX story? Let us know or join the discussion on the new YMX Facebook page.

YellowMan Fan #900 – Angela Chabot

Outdoor enthusiast Angela Chabot enjoys horseback riding wearing YellowMan or YMX tattoo clothing.

Meet Angela Chabot. She loves horseback riding, mountain biking, wake boarding, snowboarding, and YellowMan and YMX tattoo clothing. Angela is proud to be YellowMan/YMX Facebook Fan #900!

Angela owns and operate a small cottage rental business on a lake in southeastern Connecticut, where guests do everything from kayaking, canoeing, and fishing to water skiing and wake boarding on the lake. See more at

Angela Chabot wears a YellowMan mesh top while downhill mountain biking at Sugarbush, VT

Like more and more YellowMan and YMX fans, Angela exclaims that she “pretty much only wears Yellowman,” because “the artwork is gorgeous the way it moves with the body! But also because it keeps me warm in the winter and keeps the sun off in the summer.”

YellowMan Fan Angela Chabot scales a riverside cliff in Vermont.

For those of you that haven’t yet experienced the thrill of wearing YellowMan and YMX clothing, you might want to take note of Angela’s testimonial. The fabrics really do feel sensational, and the artwork is all authentic – by seasoned artists around the world. There is something for everyone. And, although the fabric and exquisite prints might seem delicate, they can be worn hard, as Angela Chabot clearly demonstrates.

YellowMan Facebook Fan #900, Angela Chabot, hiking in Redwoods National Park.

For more about Angela and her adventures, drop her a line on her Facebook page

To become a YellowMan/YMX Fan please visit the official YellowMan/YMX Facebook Page.

Running Tigers, Kicking Dragons – a Fierce Running Team to Watch

Linda Minsker (left) and Christine Fingado of the running team Running Tigers, Kicking Dragons, display their awards earned at the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon in Florida.

Keep on the lookout for the Florida running troupe, Running Tigers, Kicking Dragons. These spirited runners have discovered the winning benefits of YMX base layer garments.

Two of the team members, Linda Minsker and Christine Fingado (pictured above), recently ran in the Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon wearing YMX’s Fierce Dragon long sleeve base layer shirt. The runners noted after the race, “The shirts were a show stopper. One guy even shouted out ‘Those shirts are HOT!'”

The truth is the shirts don’t just look great, they are ultra-functional. The proprietary MadKool fabric is comfortable, lightweight, and efficiently wicks moisture away from your skin. It’s no wonder that the entire Running Tigers, Kicking Dragons team will be wearing YMX in their upcoming Ragnar marathon in January.

Fierce Dragon Base Layer shirt by Yellowman

Championing personal accomplishment and charity at GranFondo

Levi Leipheimer‘s second annual GranFondo cycling event in Sonoma County, California reportedly brought in a whopping six thousand participants this year. Each one of them likely came to the event with a mission of personal accomplishment, and/or to contribute to one or more of the event’s many charities.

One participant, Mary-Jane (pictured below in YMX’s Flower Clouds cycling jersey and matching armwarmers), was proud to finish her GranFondo cycling run two minutes ahead of her goal, in spite of the fact that she stopped in the final 15 mile stretch to assist a seriously injured cyclist. Mary-Jane called 911, and stayed with the injured cyclist until medical help arrived, before continuing on to a  rewarding finish ahead of her personal target. Now that’s a champion! YMX congratulates Mary-Jane!


GranFondo cyclist wearing YMX's Flower Coulds cycling jersey and matching armwarmers

GranFondo cyclist wearing YMX's Flower Coulds cycling jersey and matching armwarmers


If you have a GranFondo or YMX story you would like to share, drop us a line at