YMX for Your Man – a Gift They’ll Love

In the past few days women have been grabbing up special YMX promo deals at a record pace. But why should women be the only ones reaping the benefits?

While the majority of YMX products cater towards the active woman, there’s great YMX stuff for Men, too! The problem is, Men tend to be docile creatures when a great deal rolls around. Chances are they’ll throw on the same old musty shirts and jerseys they put on day in and day out. So this post is designed to put you YMX women fans into action.

YMX is offering this great performance tee for $25 until 2/21/12.

At this moment, YMX is offering a FANTASTIC Men’s performance tee normally priced at $69 for only $25! This shirt offers the same anti-sweat and anti-odor properties you’ve grown to love. It’s lightweight and yet it’s solid and durable. It travels well and looks cool, too!

We could just let this slip by without any notice, but we know there are plenty of men out there that would be eternally grateful for a great YMX shirt in their wardrobe.

Buy your man a great YMX tee NOW! You won’t regret it.



Blue, but not the Blues

If you are seeing blue these days, it’s probably not because you are in the dumps, but because joyful blue YMX outfits are filling the blogosphere.

Here’s a sampling:

When Carla Birnberg from MizFitOnline.com isn’t pumping iron at the gym she might be seen making protein pancakes. But that doesn’t stop her from stylin’ some YMX digs.

Read Carla’s review of her YMX outfit here.

Then there’s Charlotte Hilton Andersen… she tries everything. She even wrote a book about trying everything (fitness experiments). Turns out she tried out wearing YMX and ended up writing a post about running naked

Check out Charlotte’s [almost] scandalous YMX review here.

Then there’s the mid-life-stay-at-home-mom-turned-marathon-runner Marcia at The Studly Runner. Look out for her donning YMX on her next marathon run.

So what the heck are all these women wearing, you might ask? Just go to the search menu at ymxbyyellowman.com and enter “Winter Cloud” in the search form. You’ll find all the blue YMX wonders above, and more!


Creative YMX Tumbler – And the Winner Is…

YMX attracts all kinds of creative stripes, so many, in fact, that it’s hard to keep up with them all. In October, one such individual (wearing a smashing outfit, it must be said) held a YMX giveaway on her blog. But with so many entries, how was she to pick a winner? With a tumbler, of course! But not just any tumbler…

Kudos to Nikki at http://liveloveyoga.wordpress.com for a great turn of event(s)!

Top 5 YMX Review/Giveaway Blogs for August

By now you have likely stumbled onto one of the many blogs hosting YMX athletic/lifestyle apparel reviews and giveaways. We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 blogs that generated the most traffic for the month of August. Here they are in order of the most traffic first:

1. shutupandrun.net

Blog Post Excerpt: So many running apparel items look the same. The designs start to run together. YMX by Yellowman deviates from the norm and brings us some colorful, playful patterns that are lightweight and performance material. full post.

Excerpt from the “About Me” tab of the blog: I love to run. I discovered it 2 1/2 years ago. Like I do most things, I went from zero to 26.2 miles. No half marathons for me, no running cross country in high school. I just set my mind to it, trained and crossed the finish line. In April 2011 I came back from a hip stress fracture to run the Boston Marathon. I didn’t win, but I crossed the same finish line as the winner did. I’m proud of that.

I also love to write. I believe in holding nothing back. I believe in telling the truth. I believe in being real. I’m sure it offends some, but I’m also sure it resonates with more. more here.


2. seemomrunfar.blogspot.com

Excerpt from blog post: I wore the shirt on a 20-mile run outside, then on a 8 mile track workout (with the armsleeves), and then again this morning on a 12-mile run on the treadmill. I love it! I think this is the lightest running shirt I have ever worn. full post here.

Excerpt from the “About Me” tab of the blog: I work (from home) as an adoption coordinator for special needs kids in Ethiopia for Adoption Advocates International. It is a rewarding and yet stressful job.

I am a runner, and running has given me so much. Running has helped me lose and keep off 75lbs. Running has given me a sense of personal satisfaction and accomplishment. Running has helped me reduce my stress and increase my patience. Running has helped me make taking care of myself a priority and better balance my life. Running has given me a wonderful friendship that I desperately needed. Running helped me find a part of myself… a part that is athletic, strong, tough, brave, determined, and confident…a part of me that I didn’t know existed. Every day running betters my body, mind and soul. more here.


3. imasleeperbaker.blogspot.com

Blog post excerpt: The fabric is great, I’m used to the tech shirts I receive at races, but this was something completely different.  The jersey is made of a “MadKool” fabric, it was very light and soft, and a bit stretchy, with a bonus UV Protection of 50+.  In addition, it’s wrinkle and abrasion resistant, which is nice, especially when your dog jumps up on you, while you’re wearing the jersey, as you take him for a run. Full post here.

From the “About Me” section of the blog: I’m a wife and mother of two, who left the wilds of NYC for the wilds of Central NY. I am a runner, with one marathon, and one triathlon under my belt. Next up, the NYC Marathon, I’m raising research funds for The Children’s Tumor Foundation. I appreciate good food, I love to cook healthy meals, but I also indulge when the mood strikes. I’m a Stay At Home Mom. Basically, I’m all about balance, as I try to figure it all out. more here.


4. zanetaruns.blogspot.com

Blog post excerpt: Things I liked about the Tribal Sea Running Tee:

1. It is super light weight and silky to the touch (I kinda want to wear it for everyday clothes)
2. The fit is flattering
3. It is SO SO SO comfortable to wear!
4. The colors are bright and the design is fun
5. I LOVE the sweat wicking material, it dries super duper fast
6. After washing it a few times it doesn’t seem to have lost any of it’s brightness
7. CHAFE free!!! 🙂
8. There is a pocket in the back that is big enough for a GU

Full post here.

There’s no “About Me” section of this blog, but there is this in the header:

Luck is taking the opportunities God gives you and making the most out of them… this is my journey about making the most of the life He’s blessed me with and training for races while going back to school and planning a wedding!


5. pinkhatrunner.blogspot.com

Blog post excerpt: This shirt is so versatile you literally could wear it anywhere.   I wore it to town to do some errands.  This shirt has a very trimming look to it too. Full post.

From the “About Me” section of the blog: I am a farmer’s wife and a mother of two boys. I help my husband with our farming business. I did my first marathon in October and loved every minute of it. I’m hoping to do another one this year. more here.


So there you have it. The top 5 blog posts for August. Be sure to check in on the YMX Facebook page for more giveaway/contest announcements.

YMX Launches Community Incentives, Contests, and Free Giveaways

Fans of YMX athletic clothing can tap into contests and giveaways by joining the YMX Community.

If you have a love of the outdoors, action, sports, and looking good while experiencing it all then be sure you are signed up to the fledgling YMX by YellowMan Community. YMX is set to kick off a variety of contests and incentives that will bring some lucky fans free and/or discounted athletic wear. A tip to newcomers: your chances of winning are the best they will ever be, right now, because the community will certainly be growing exponentially in short order.

So, what is one to do to take advantage?

For starters, be sure you “like” the YMX Facebook page. There, you will find great stories from existing YMX fans, along with exciting product announcements and news.

Join YMX’s Twitter feed to be the first to know about contests and engage in interesting discussions.

The first YMX contest is set to launch on Thursday, July 7th. Some lucky person will get $300 worth of the best athletic clothing on the planet! It could be YOU!

Enhanced Product Views, Comment Rewards at YMX

Enhanced Product Views at YMXby YellowMan.com

YMXbyYellowMan.com introduces enhanced product views and comment rewards.

YMX apparel features rich, detailed artwork that is unrivaled in the athletic/lifestyle arena. If you own a YMX garment, you know you can stand behind that claim. YMX’s intricate, original art prints are so unique that enhanced online product views are essential. That’s why YMX has teamed up with Adobe Scene7 to provide online customers a better shopping experience. Now online YMX customers can zoom in closely to see the wonders within the highly visual product line.

YMX has also just added comment forms on the product pages for logged in customers, and offers a 10% off promo code to any customer choosing to share his/her comments. Word of mouth from existing YMX customers has proved to be an essential vehicle for the brand, particularly since YMX is a unique product. The truth is that YMX converts come easy, once they try it on, so YMX expects that enhanced customer feedback will be fruitful for everyone.

YMX Caption Contest Winner

Congratulations to Sylvia for winning YMX’s first Caption Contest! Sylvia just won a one-time, 20% off coupon code towards the purchase of any YMX item, good until the end of January 2011!

Keep your eyes peeled for future contests! We’ll be sure to have more.


In case you are interested in the missing top, here it is:

Women's YMX Maori Maze Base Layer Top

Thanks to all for participating in this fun contest.