YMX On The Beach

YMX beach apparel

Staying cool this summer? Maybe your clothes are getting hot, sticky, heavy and wet. You’re having a tough time finding fresh, clean and dry clothes to change into, because you’re having to change so frequently in this hot, hot weather. If any of this rings true for you YMX apparel will surely be a godsend!

YMX clothing is lightweight, wicks and expels unwanted moisture, and even offers UV protection! Customers often report that wearing YMX makes them feel like they are wearing nothing at all! Once you wear it, you’ll never want to wear anything else.

If this is music to your ears, there’s more. YMX is perfect on the beach. Many YMX customers wear long sleeve YMX shirts as rashguards for swimming, surfing or other water activities. And when they come out of the water they are fresh and dry in no time. And, because YMX apparel goes beyond function with a beautiful array of prints and styles, people wearing YMX on the beach can easily transition to hanging out with friends at a bar or cafe without having to change! Yes!

UV sun protection in YMX apparel varies from style to style, so if that’s something you are particularly interested in be sure to check out the fabric properties on YMX product pages.

As for the popularity of YMX apparel, don’t take our word for it – check out what fans are saying about YMX on Facebook.

Pictured: Elemental Air Mandarin Tank-navy [ $64 ] and Elemental Air Legging-blue [$89]


Tennis Anyone?

YMX tennis jersey

Did you know that YMX Tri-Pocket Jerseys are PERFECT for tennis?

Yes! Those three, easy-access back pockets are perfect for stowing away tennis balls so you don’t have to waste time chasing them down for your next serve. What’s more, the YMX jerseys offer lightweight, moisture-wicking, UV-protecting, silky-soft MadKool fabric so you will stay cool and comfy throughout your next match.

Even more…

Once you are done winning your tennis match (you will, because you’ll look and feel great – giving you the edge) you can zip up your racket and walk away without having to rush and change into another top. The quick-dry fabric properties will keep you dry and snappy.

Your tennis partner, on the other hand, will be rushing to find out where to get her own YMX top. But she’ll first have to change out of her sweat-drenched top (really, you should take it easier on her next time!).

Make it easy for her. Tell her to go to www.ymxbyyellowman.com and check out the range of tri-pocket jerseys.

Do you play tennis in YMX? Please send us pictures at info@yellowman.com or post them on our Facebook page.

YMX Blog Roundup for May


Check out what people are saying about YMX Athletic Lifestyle Apparel this month. We have picked out four of the most active posts, but there are plenty more…

Most comfortable workout tops ever -lovelifesurf.com
…these YMX tops? They are like buttah. I was smitten by the fabric as soon as I pulled the shirts out of the package. I don’t even know how to describe it. The tops are featherweight and feel like silk. I couldn’t help keeps my hands off of them!  read on…

Phobias, YMX, Rodents and of course MMT itsjustonefootinfrontoftheother.blogspot.com
I am in love with the skirt.  The only reason I even knew it was on was feeling it occasionally brush my leg as I ran.  And the racer back tank, well I kept getting stared at and I was sure that it was because I had walked out the door naked. read on…

A self-inflicted binge? -priorfatgirl.com
I’ve worn a few tops  I was sent recently from YMX and am in love with their fabric. It is like workout silk! read on…

YMX Gear Review -runningbackwardsinhighheels.com
I think this shirt is worth every penny. I cannot get over how lightweight it is. The fabric just has this yummy, silky texture to it. Not to mention, they way it is cut is extremely flattering. read on…

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YMX and Jenny Mui Featured in May Issue of Oprah Magazine

YMX Apparel featured in Oprah MagazineFor those of you with subscriptions to O Magazine, waste no time when you get your May 2013 Issue and jump straight to page 34. You’ll find a great piece about YMX owner, Jenny Mui, under a section on Women Who Make Beautiful Things. For those of you that don’t have subscriptions – either run out (in your awesome YMX apparel) and buy the May issue right off the stand, or read it here.

Featured magnificently on the page is YMX’s popular Infinite Waves tri-pocket jersey-yellow [retail $108]. This luxurious and beautiful jersey for women features silky performance fabric suitable for cycling, running, fitness, or sport, and features three pockets on the back for your water, keys, wallet, or anything small you want to bring along with you. See more about this cycling jersey here.

The back of YMX's Infinite Waves tri-pocket jersey features three pockets

The back of YMX’s Infinite Waves tri-pocket jersey features three easy access pockets.

Also featured in the Oprah Magazine article are YMX’s Infinite Geometry mesh neck tank [$69], and YMX’s Infinite Tribal Reflect Hoodie [$178]. Both are perfect for sport and workout, or just as easily for everyday wear.

YMX's Infinite Geometry mesh neck athletic tank for women offers performance and beauty for those that want to feel and look good in action or in leisure.

YMX’s Infinite Geometry mesh neck athletic tank for women offers performance and beauty for those that want to feel and look good in action or in leisure.

YMX's Infinite Tribal Reflect Hoodie for women is a perfect springtime layer for jogging, running, workout, or for casual wear.

YMX’s Infinite Tribal Reflect Hoodie for women is a perfect springtime layer for jogging, running, workout, or for casual wear.

Pick of the Month: Infinite Goddess Long Sleeve Athletic Shirt by YMX

Ymx Pick of the Month - Infinite Goddess Athletic Shirt

Spring is the perfect time to reacquaint ourselves with the power and wisdom of our inner spirit. That’s why we chose the Infinite Goddess Long Sleeve Shirt for Women [retail $98] as our April Staff Pick of the Month.

Our Goddess is pink, the color of love, and magenta, which represents strength, abundance and good fortune. We added red to this design because its the perfect counterpoint to the expansive energy of pink. Red indicates celebration, happiness, joy, vitality and warming Fire, which is associated with the act of laughter.

front of Infinite Goddess shirt

Infinite Goddess athletic long sleeve shirt by YMX

Fire also means flowering, creativity and heart, and is a symbol of our winged friends who return home for the coming season. Take wing with our Infinite Goddess!

back of YMX Infinite Goddess Shirt

Back of YMX Infinite Goddess long sleeve shirt for women.

If you are looking for a stylish athletic top that can be worn in action or for everyday wear this long sleeve shirt is for you! Featuring stunning Asian artwork and rich red and pink colors you will look and feel great whether you are working out or hanging out with friends. Perfect as a base layer or on its own for a stunning statement.

Fabric: Featherweight 88% MadKool Polyester/12% Spandex
Properties: MadKool fabric, UPF 30+, wicking, quick dry, wrinkle and odor resistant, soft hand
Fit: Fitted, 25 3/4 length (size M)
Uses: Sport, ski, base layer, cycling, running, fitness, casual, dance, running


March Recap: 3 Great YMX Apparel Reviews

More and more fitness enthusiasts are discovering the benefits and beauty of YMX athletic apparel, and along with these discoveries comes a healthy stream of product reviews. Here is a recap of three YMX product reviews for the month of March:

Badass Fitness

Color Me Happy with YMX by YellowMan www.badassfitness.com

In the past two weeks, I have learned what it’s like to run 13.1 miles, teach TRX bootcamp and cycling, and do cone drills in Kangoo Jumps — without wearing any pants or shorts!

This is a very good thing, and I have YMX by Yellowman to thank for it! Let me explain…

The company sent me their Infinite Geometry racing short in a beautiful blue geometric pattern and their Elemental Earth racerback tank featuring a purple Polynesian-inspired print to try out as part of my role as a Fitfluential Ambassador. They asked that I blog about my experience, so here we are!

read more…

Just a Colorado Gal BlogYMX by YellowMan: Review

I’m not one that is big on those shorthand text words. You know, like “OMG” or “TTYL” or “LOL”. I just don’t get them, and I try my hardest not to use them because I think they’re silly and would rather just spell out the expression. However, I broke my own rule a few weeks back while texting Will in regards to my new YMX by Yellowman tops. What did I say?

OMFG Will, these shirts are so soft!!

True story. And then I felt lame and Will made fun of me because I used “OMFG” instead of spelling it out. But whatever.

read more…

Lifting Revolution BlogFrom YMX Tops To Customizable YouBars (Discount): My Favorite Spring Fitness/Nutrition Finds!

YMX Running/Fitness Tops:
These feel like silk! I’ve even been sleeping in them and Dan even thinks I should wear them with jeans for going out. So cute, and comfortable and their wicking ability is amazing!

Seriously, I am all over this top… I wore it this morning while doing an 8x8x8 (8 exercises, 8 reps, 8 rounds)… and it held up beautifully! And then I sported a sleeveless version while doing sprints: 2 minutes @ 8.0 pace; 3 minutes @ 9.0 pace for 25 straight minutes. It was tough but I loved every minute of it!

read more…

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