Introducing YMX 2013 Ambassadors


YMX kicks off 2013 with a great group of women’s sport apparel ambassadors. Discover influential women in a wide range of categories, including cycling, hiking, mountain climbing, workout, yoga, running, and more…

At YMX we believe in shaping a beautiful life for oneself. Everything we make is a reflection of our passion for art, for leading a healthy, fulfilled, and well-balanced life.

We’re a small team, so when we decided we’d like to engage a team of ambassadors we had very specific ideas about who we wanted to represent YMX. These folks would be the heart of YMX in the world and window into who we are. We sought people as passionate, aware and involved in the world around them as we ourselves strive to be. People who could team with us to spread ideas of love, and trust and beauty in their local communities, an extension of the ideals we here at YMX aim to embody. We couldn’t have been happier with the response. We are so pleased with the diversity of truly unique and beautiful individuals who are passionate about representing YMX! So without further adieu I’d like to introduce you all to our totally stunning team of 2013 ambassadors!
In no particular order, may I introduce our first ever YMX ambassadors:

First up we have Angela Chabot, hailing from Connecticut. Angela believes in facing down fear and embracing adventure. Between being a mom, horseback riding, and work as a scientist, she has recently open her own pole fitness studio called Aerial Arts Fitness.

From the whole other side of the world we have Liz Smit, a veterinary surgeon from Australia! She is actively involved with a vibrant community of mountain biking women who share their love for cycling by helping to instill that love of trail riding with those less experienced!

The mountains of Virginia bring us Shelly Cable an ultra trail runner who has become know for her signature eye catching YMX while out on the trail. Shelly aims to complete a 100 mile trail race this year and we’re so excited to be able to support her in reaching this goal. She blogs and shares her experiences at itsjustonefootinfrontoftheother, be sure to check that out for some serious inspiration!

Lindsay Malone is a relatively recent transplant to the wilds of Utah who dropped a fancy marketing job to pursue the call of the west. She quickly took to whitewater rafting, hiking, skiing and climbing and soon parlayed that passion into a career. Lindsay is doing amazing things as the founder of a non-profit dedicated to sharing outdoor adventure with the disabled. I highly recommend taking a peek at her instagram feed for an eye on adventure!

Who doesn’t dream of California? Jody Goldenfield is hails from those sunny shores and has been helping to spread the YMX love for sometime now. Jody is a weightlifting enthusiast who generously shares her insights with the world via her website truth2beingfit and through her awesome tweeting abilities. She provides a healthy dose of inspiration daily and her enthusiasm for living fit is infectious!

Fresh air abounds in Wyoming where you will find Kaitlyn Watts cheerfully savoring every breath of it. Kaitlyn is no stranger to overcoming adversity and the challenges have only served to encourage her to fight and strive all the more. Between mountain biking, running and skiing she is involved in community building and volunteering, sharing it all at her perfectly titled blog mountainkait.

Amber Boyd is a Corrective Exercise Specialist from sunny Arizona. She shares her passion for fitness by hosting bootcamps in her driveway 3 times a day 5 days a week! She believes, as we do, that fitness is the key to mental and physical wellbeing and she wants to encourage the world through her positive example.

Go Canada! Rachel Crocker, our dear friend from the beautiful north country is full of enthusiasm for YMX! As a personal trainer and mother of 3, plus 3 grandchildren, she passionately believes that fitness is the key to a long and happy life. We couldn’t agree more! Rachel is aiming to achieve marathon maniac status this year. Lets help her out by sending encouraging words her way @truenorthrunner.

Nia is about coming together, getting sweaty, being creative and exploring the space to be free to reveal your true being. Beth O’Neall is a Nia instructor based in New Mexico dedicated to helping those around her live better and bolder lives through health and education. Beth believes a great way to conquer fear is to get out and run!

YMX ambassadors are as unique as our clothing! Pattie Dunn is no exception. Pattie is a passionate cyclist from the dreamy Hawaiian islands who was sprang back into an active lifestyle by participating in her first triathlon at the age of 51. Since then she has been unrelenting in her drive to share the joys of cycling, founding the Red Hot Ladies a cycling group for women aged 50+. I hear her bike has pink tires and I can wait to see! In between cycling advocacy and organizing rides she finds time to practice yoga and teach Javanese dance!

Finally, closest to our home here in New York is the ever inspiring Leslee Schenk-Trzcinski. Leslee is a former member of the US National Cycling Team and is today a full time yoga teacher, cycling coach and so much more. Her goal is to learn something new everyday and then share that with the world, whether it be a yoga pose or a valuable nugget of well-being wisdom. Thanks to her tuneyoga blog we can all benefit from Leslee’s wealth of knowledge!

Here’s to an encouraging community of the like-minded – together may we attain all our goals and dreams in 2013!


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