Rally With Red!

YM-Elemental-MountainRed is the color of the root chakra which, located at the base of the spine, grounds us and connects us to universal energies. Energies that encourage action and confidence and that help to provide a sense of protection from fears and anxieties. It is in times of great crisis that we need to remember the power of the color red, to clothe ourselves in it and to harness these energies. It is with this in mind that we remember those who have been affected and continue to be effected by Hurricane Sandy and for this reason we offer up our red Elemental Mountain Core long sleeve top. For every red Elemental Mountain top we sell we’ll be donating $5 to Sandy Relief and as a double incentive we’re taking $48 off the regular retail price of $98. Just enter the code SAVESANDY at checkout. Team with YMX and together we’ll rally with red!


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