Blue, but not the Blues

If you are seeing blue these days, it’s probably not because you are in the dumps, but because joyful blue YMX outfits are filling the blogosphere.

Here’s a sampling:

When Carla Birnberg from isn’t pumping iron at the gym she might be seen making protein pancakes. But that doesn’t stop her from stylin’ some YMX digs.

Read Carla’s review of her YMX outfit here.

Then there’s Charlotte Hilton Andersen… she tries everything. She even wrote a book about trying everything (fitness experiments). Turns out she tried out wearing YMX and ended up writing a post about running naked

Check out Charlotte’s [almost] scandalous YMX review here.

Then there’s the mid-life-stay-at-home-mom-turned-marathon-runner Marcia at The Studly Runner. Look out for her donning YMX on her next marathon run.

So what the heck are all these women wearing, you might ask? Just go to the search menu at and enter “Winter Cloud” in the search form. You’ll find all the blue YMX wonders above, and more!



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