Enhanced Product Views, Comment Rewards at YMX

Enhanced Product Views at YMXby YellowMan.com

YMXbyYellowMan.com introduces enhanced product views and comment rewards.

YMX apparel features rich, detailed artwork that is unrivaled in the athletic/lifestyle arena. If you own a YMX garment, you know you can stand behind that claim. YMX’s intricate, original art prints are so unique that enhanced online product views are essential. That’s why YMX has teamed up with Adobe Scene7 to provide online customers a better shopping experience. Now online YMX customers can zoom in closely to see the wonders within the highly visual product line.

YMX has also just added comment forms on the product pages for logged in customers, and offers a 10% off promo code to any customer choosing to share his/her comments. Word of mouth from existing YMX customers has proved to be an essential vehicle for the brand, particularly since YMX is a unique product. The truth is that YMX converts come easy, once they try it on, so YMX expects that enhanced customer feedback will be fruitful for everyone.


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