Energize Your Workout Wardrobe with YMX


YMX Yoga clothes

Send out a sun salutation in the YMX Radiant Sun T shirt.

We chose the Teal Radiant Sun YMX t shirt as our Staff Pick for February not simply as a reminder of the glorious days ahead of us, but because it illustrates the power of the individual.

Fitness Clothes

Declare your selfhood with YMX by Yellowman.

In the South Seas, each tribal tattoo is intended to tell the story of the wearer’s personal journey. The sun on the Teal Radiant Sun t shirt represents renewal, and its patterns refer to the Māori tradition of facial markings, the most definitive declaration of selfhood in that culture.

We chose the clear blue of the southern sky to represent the calming effects of nature, and the turquoise of the deepest waters to encourage communication and represent robust health.

+30 UPF Sun Protection Clothes

Harness robust health and embrace your yoga practice!

Whether for yoga, running or hitting the gym for some physical fitness the Radiant Sun will serve to remind you of the beautiful days to come and inspire you to be the best you can be today!

Step into Spring in a Fresh YMX Cycling Jersey

YMX Cycling Jersey

Plant a seed of beauty and sprout adventure with a YMX cycling jersey this Spring.

Soar in style in our YMX Cycling Jersey with six new styles blooming fresh for Spring! Constructed from our featherweight MadKool® fabric, it is the most versatile cycling jersey you will own, enveloping you in luxury and comfort, wicking moisture the second your body temperature rises, and shielding you with an SPF of 50.

Each YMX cycling jersey features reflector tape on the shoulder seams to add a jolt of visibility once the sun goes down and three generous back pockets, perfect for gels, glasses, maps, cell phones, iPods and water bottles.

Our high-visibility YMX cycling jersey was designed so you could rule the road in style. But it’s also the perfect multi-sport garment, ideal for hiking, running, rock climbing, tennis and stand up paddle boarding!

Cycling Jersey

Bask in the sunlight of renewal with the YMX Radiant Sun cycling jersey!

In the South Seas, each tribal tattoo is intended to tell the story of the wearer’s personal journey. The sun on the Flare Radiant Sun cycling jersey represents renewal, and its patterns refer to the Maori tradition of facial markings, the most definitive declaration of selfhood in that culture.

Cycling Jersey

Celebrate blossoming potential with the YMX Radiant Wings Cycling Jersey!

We wanted a butterfly in our line, as a symbol of blossoming potential. After months of experimentation, we fell in love with this spirited contemporary version, the Radiant Wings cycling jersey. We put it on the back, where wings belong, and retained its hand-rendered asymmetry as a reminder of nature.

We decided on the saturated colors of gemstones because the art reminded us of stained glass, and chose a mix of deep turquoise, the color of communication, aqua, which promotes idealism, and green, which signifies balance and growth.

Cycling Jersey

The YMX Radiant Butterfly Cycling Jersey is a joyful, kaleidoscopic celebration of spring!

We refuse to let go of mirrored prints just yet, especially when they are joyful, kaleidoscopic celebrations of spring. Yes, those are butterflies mixed in with the mind-blowing explosion of spider mums! It’s time to sprout wings with the Magenta Radiant Butterfly Short Sleeve cycling jersey!

Whether your running errands or ultra-marathons, riding to the shop or cycling a century,  take a YMX cycling jersey and a radiant bouquet of color along with you!

YMX Winter Feast and Comfy Tummy Stew Recipe


The team here at YMX thinks great design, great health, and great food are completely connected. So when we decide to do a potluck, everyone gets involved!


For our holiday party this year we wanted to make a soup together, a soup that connected us to each other. So we each brought in ingredients, and here it is, our YMX Joyful Tummy Stew, which combines kitchen magic with Ayurvedic principles guaranteed to soothe you to the core!


Ayurvedic cuisine is based on harmoniously combined treats from the harvest to help your body find balance. The spices and herbs not only accent the richness of the fresh produce, they help stoke your digestive fire to tone the body from within and stimulate the best digestion and nutritional absorption.


This soup has a curry spice base. We included turmeric for its anti-inflammatory and blood purifying properties. Coriander gently tones the digestive track. The natural heat of ginger – a favorite here at YMX, in everything from teas to main dishes, breakfasts to desserts– stimulates both circulation and digestion. We added cumin seed which dispels toxins, and lastly, pepper, to stimulate the appetite and help us utilize our food properly.


To have accompany our gorgeous soup, Jenny brought 14 month old Block’s Landing cheese, an aged Cato’s Corner Bloomsday, fig bread and lemon-lime rye along with the most amazing pairings from her wine cellar. To dunk in our espresso, Avram made butter cookies with the rind of five lemons, and our resident baker extraordinaire, Kathy, made her firey ginger snaps with freshly gated ginger.


Try the YMX Joyful Tummy Stew for yourself!


The YMX Summer of Love

YMX Summer of Love Image

This year has been the best year ever for YMX, and we want to say how much your support means to us. Your response to our feature in O Magazine was amazing. You shared your stories with us on Facebook, and chimed in on our Twitter chats. You visited us at run and cycle events, and let us get to know how strong, smart and fully engaged you are.

You’ve opened your hearts to us, and we want to reach back with ours, because integrated Heart practices focus on giving as a way of receiving. So we want to return your gifts to us by offering you our family price on our Design Team’s favorite items.

Every three days we will offer a small capsule to choose from, with each item at $30.

And since circulation between our inner selves and the world around us is the key to a balanced Heart Chakra, we hope you will help us circulate this offer with your own friends and family, and help us introduce them to our community.

Think of it as our own little Summer Of Love, the #YMXSummerofLove.

Pick of the Month: Infinite Flower Long Sleeve Athletic Shirt by YMX

YMX Infinite Flower long sleeve shirt

The YMX Infinite Flower Mango long sleeve shirt for protection from the harsh Summer sun!

Sunshine orange is a power color, representing the perfect blend of vitality and endurance, a marriage every active person strives for. It’s also the color of curiosity, and of discovery.

That’s why we’ve chosen The Infinite Flower Mango long sleeve shirt for women as our July Staff Pick of The Month. It’s summer! Time to explore, and bask in the vitality of the world around us.

YMX long sleeve shirt for women

Front of the YMX Infinite Flower Mango long sleeve shirt for women

In Chinese herbal practices, the chrysanthemum helps to release upper body heat. The flower also symbolizes nobility, longevity and optimism, so we decided to mirror the image of this flower to amplify its effects.

YMX long sleeve shirt for women

Front of the YMX Infinite Flower Mango long sleeve shirt for women

Because of the reach of its radiating petals, the mum is considered a solar flower in Japan. So reach for the sun with us, in our Infinite Flower!

Fabric: Featherweight 88% MadKool Polyester/12% Spandex
Properties: MadKool fabric, UPF 30+, wicking, quick dry, wrinkle and odor resistant, soft hand
Fit: Fitted, 25 3/4 length (size M)
Uses: Sport, ski, base layer, cycling, running, fitness, casual, dance, running

YMX long sleeve shirt for women

Click to buy the YMX Infinite Flower long sleeve shirt!

YMX On The Beach

YMX beach apparel

Staying cool this summer? Maybe your clothes are getting hot, sticky, heavy and wet. You’re having a tough time finding fresh, clean and dry clothes to change into, because you’re having to change so frequently in this hot, hot weather. If any of this rings true for you YMX apparel will surely be a godsend!

YMX clothing is lightweight, wicks and expels unwanted moisture, and even offers UV protection! Customers often report that wearing YMX makes them feel like they are wearing nothing at all! Once you wear it, you’ll never want to wear anything else.

If this is music to your ears, there’s more. YMX is perfect on the beach. Many YMX customers wear long sleeve YMX shirts as rashguards for swimming, surfing or other water activities. And when they come out of the water they are fresh and dry in no time. And, because YMX apparel goes beyond function with a beautiful array of prints and styles, people wearing YMX on the beach can easily transition to hanging out with friends at a bar or cafe without having to change! Yes!

UV sun protection in YMX apparel varies from style to style, so if that’s something you are particularly interested in be sure to check out the fabric properties on YMX product pages.

As for the popularity of YMX apparel, don’t take our word for it – check out what fans are saying about YMX on Facebook.

Pictured: Elemental Air Mandarin Tank-navy [ $64 ] and Elemental Air Legging-blue [$89]

Tennis Anyone?

YMX tennis jersey

Did you know that YMX Tri-Pocket Jerseys are PERFECT for tennis?

Yes! Those three, easy-access back pockets are perfect for stowing away tennis balls so you don’t have to waste time chasing them down for your next serve. What’s more, the YMX jerseys offer lightweight, moisture-wicking, UV-protecting, silky-soft MadKool fabric so you will stay cool and comfy throughout your next match.

Even more…

Once you are done winning your tennis match (you will, because you’ll look and feel great – giving you the edge) you can zip up your racket and walk away without having to rush and change into another top. The quick-dry fabric properties will keep you dry and snappy.

Your tennis partner, on the other hand, will be rushing to find out where to get her own YMX top. But she’ll first have to change out of her sweat-drenched top (really, you should take it easier on her next time!).

Make it easy for her. Tell her to go to www.ymxbyyellowman.com and check out the range of tri-pocket jerseys.

Do you play tennis in YMX? Please send us pictures at info@yellowman.com or post them on our Facebook page.